A Brief History

On September 10, 2008 the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) turned on for the first time and promptly exploded. The site was sealed off from visitation by any but a certified international clean up crew. Within days the first of of the Syndrome Unexplained Phenomena (SUP pronounced “soup”) appeared. While several fringe groups embraced the idea of superhumans it was considered to be a fringe conspiracy theory. The October Surprise came when reporter Ken Wymann of the New York Times revealed on CNN that he had obtained powers and had verified them in documentary form and with several doctors.

Once the American government openly embraced the existence of SUP it was a matter of time before it became accepted wisdom that this was not a series of hoaxes worldwide. This was also the beginning of The Troubles that would last a further five years. Some who found they had powers immediately set about using them whatever way they could to get what they wanted. Warlords rose and fell throughout the world. In America there is still the sovereign state of Los Angeles showing that it could happen anywhere.

Most who discovered that they had unique abilities would find them rather useless in most situations. While these were seldom more than party tricks, these people often found a level of prejudice held against them that could sometimes lead to violence. In extremely uneducated areas of the world, people were often burned as witches or being possessed by the devil. Occasionally there will still be a story coming out of Appalachia of a lynching.

By the end of the first five years, 80% of nations on Earth including America, China, and Russia resolved for a form of registration with the government and either mandatory or heavily encouraged state service. In return, the SUPs get free college and other benefits, especially for extended tours of duty. Some, like Linda Turner the official face of the American Phenomenon Corps, have pledged long term commitments to the service and they and their families live in luxury

Now nearly eight years after the LHC exploded, humanity is beginning to reach a “second generation” as the SUP are incorporated into daily life.

A Brief History

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